DBA experts fluent in Microsoft SQL Server, Oracle and MySQL


The surge in cloud-based solutions and mobile devices has resulted in unprecedented amounts of data – leaving organizations struggling to effectively store, manage and leverage critical information assets. Truth be told, most companies don’t have deep enough pockets or a deep enough bench to harness all of their data, much less glean the insights from it that are necessary for making smart, future-focused decisions. There is no such thing as a DBA who is a “jack-of-all-trades”– one who can effectively manage a variety of databases, including Microsoft SQL Server, Oracle and MySQL. In today’s data-centric business environment, specialization is essential.

HOSTING can help:

HOSTING knows that having dedicated DBAs to deploy and maintain Microsoft SQL Server, Oracle and MySQL servers is out of reach for many companies. Which is why we offer a suite of database services that can be customized to the specific business, technical and budgetary needs of our clients. Whether clients engage in our database management expertise for short-term projects or long-term, strategic initiatives, they get the right team with the right expertise to solve their business challenges – every time.

Database Consulting Services:

In conjunction with our colleagues at Ntirety, HOSTING offers a tiger team of database administration experts serve as a seamless extension of organizations’ in-house resources. All of our DBA experts possess a solid blend of business acumen, superior technical knowledge and specialized database expertise across Microsoft SQL Server, Oracle and MySQL environments. They speak your language from the start and don’t waste time “getting up to speed.”

DBA OnDemand:

The one constant factor in business is change. Opportunities and challenges can present themselves simultaneously, leaving you short-handed and short on time. HOSTING DBA OnDemand Service helps fill resource and expertise gaps on an as-needed basis. Through the secure HOSTING Customer PortalTM, you can initiate requests for DBA resources as you need them. A DBA expert will respond to your database emergencies within 15 minutes – 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

DBA expertise across multiple database environments:

Because one DBA doesn’t fit all, HOSTING offers a team of DBAs that are fluent in multiple database environments and specialties.

HOSTING DBAs adhere to the highest security and compliance standards. Some examples of our services include:

Database administration
Database monitoring and alerting
24 x 7 x 365 Database service desk
Backup assurance and recovery
Database performance tuning
Database patches and upgrades
Emergency (down database) support
Managed advanced database technologies (e.g., clustering, replication, cloning, log shipping,etc.)
Some of our clients call HOSTING’s DBA consultants superheroes. We call them your OnDemand DBAs.

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