Virtual Private Server (VPS) hosting provider IO Zoom has upgraded RAM for its customers’ accounts. IO Zoom, which has headquarters in Houston, Texas, United States, has data centers in Los Angeles, California and Chicago, Illinois, United States. The company prides itself on offering services that enable customers’ website pages to load “up to 300% faster than regular VPS hosting”. Its plans are underpinned by a 100% network uptime and a network “monitored by expert level administrators 24/7”. IO Zoom’s move is to ensure that its plans perform as effectively as possible.


The upgrade will mean, for instance, that IO Zoom’s 1 GB RAM plan will now offer 2 GB RAM with no fee increase – such plans are available for $8 per month with 20 GB Solid State Drives (SSD) storage and 2,000 GB bandwidth available. The company’s plans go up to 32 GB RAM, 320 GB SSD storage and 10,000 GB bandwidth for only $120 per month. Its VPS hosting utilizes Supermicro servers, dual Xeon processors, DDR4 memory, and RAID 10 technology with LSI hardware. Plans are also offered with 20 Gbps of DDoS protection free of charge.

“RAM is essential for high-performing virtual private servers,” explained IO Zoom’s CEO Kiet Duong. “The more you have, the better. We wanted to make it easier for our customers to enjoy great performance.”

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